The most popular ebook readers collection

As we get closer to 2012, are you considering to collect some ebook reader to read ebooks on your portable devices, ipod, ipad, iphone etc? Today I am honour to be here to introduce you some ebook readers for you, if you are interested in it, you can have  a try.

Barnes & Noble NOOK

Bookeen has many years experience in making eBook readers and with the Cybook OPUS they pack in an array of features that far surpass their previous efforts. As one of the first 5 inch E-Ink screens, the Opus comes with great features and is possibly the cutest eReaders on the market, which certainly stands out from the crowd.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have become major platforms on which to read eBooks after the release of several dedicated eBook reader apps and although they have quite small screens they are big enough to read from. Along with the all-in-one, multi-function abilities, they can be a real choice for many people

Sony Reader Touch Edition

Sony has rebranded their latest digital readers to give us proper monikers rather than using those ugly model numbers. We now have the Daily Edition, Pocket Editionand the Touch Edition, the latter is what I’ll be reviewing in this article.

Kobo eReader

The new WiFi Kobo eReader now has faster page turns and longer battery life and comes in several colours; Onyx, Metallic Silver, Pealized Lilac. The the new WiFi model is still very reasonably priced and allows both Free and DRM protected EPUB books to be viewed. With their own KoboBooks Store and apps for various mobile devices (including the iPad) you’ll be able to enjoy your eBooks anywhere, anytime.

Bookworm Online ePub eBook Reader

Bookworm is a free online platform for storing and reading your ePub format books. The main benefit of using a reading system such as Bookworm is that you can read your eBooks from any web browser on any computer, including most mobile web devices, anywhere at any time.

All of them are some decent choices for us to read ebooks especially for epub. If you have no one, please try it quickly.

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